We Believe In Taking Action, Getting Involved & Supporting Community Programs

Establishing Positive Role Models

Having someone to look up to, who can guide us, can be the difference that makes all the difference.

Meeting Your Heroes

Meeting our heroes can transform our life!

Learning Safety Strategies

Knowing our family is safe is the most important thing in life.

Support Families

No one can do it on their own. Together we can make all the difference.

World Champion Experience

Connecting The Community With World Champions To Inspire Our Youth

3 x World Champion Kickboxer Ian Jacobs

“I was born with a gift that allowed me to achieve remarkable success in my life, now I am sharing all that I have learnt. I take great pride in witnessing others achieve their personal fitness and the knowledge that their personal and family health goals are being met.

I was raised by tough, strict, yet loving parents, who taught me to believe that I could do anything I put my mind to.

Helping others learn how to believe that about themselves as well so they can achieve their dreams is my passion, my purpose and where my heart is.”

Ian Jacobs

Voted Australia's Pound For Pound Greatest Kickboxing World Champion

Overview of Achievements

– Undisputed Triple World Champion Kickboxing & Thai Boxing
– World – W.K.A Champion
– World – Intercontinental W.K.A champion
– World I.S.K.A Champion
– 10 x state, national & international titles

– World’s fastest KO 1.8 seconds on the 11.11.2009

– 1996 – I.K Hall of Fame
– 2008 – I.S.K.A Hall of Fame
– 2013 – Qld. Muay Thai Hall of Fame


– Voted ‘Pound for Pound’ Australia’s greatest ever Undisputed World Champion Kickboxer
– Voted best ever fight seen on Fox Sports TV
– Voted one of the Best Martial Artists of All Time

Training Expertise

– Grand Master Trainer
– Trained more than 100 champions and 6 world champions
– 20+ years of developing fitness and rehabilitation programs for elite athletes, corporate organisations and gyms
– 20+ years of teaching and developing self defence programs

Watch Ian's Fastest KO World Record

Total Success Summit

Georges St-Pierre & Ian Jacobs Share What Made Them Multiple World Champions

Total Success Summit has been bringing out some of the most influential members of our global community ranging from World Champions to A-List Actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger. When Ian Jacobs was asked to speak our team was there to support him.

We feel privileged to continue to be a part of a close knit community who all share the same passion for connecting these amazing individuals with as many people as possible in the effort to inspire us all to become better people.

My team and I were excited to meet GSP and hear his story. We want to share this experience with more people and will continue to support awesome programs like Total Success Summit that are doing the same.

1 x Middleweight

12 x Welterweight

GSP retired as the reigning Welterweight Champion on December 13, 2013, having held the record for most wins in title bouts and the second longest combined title streak in UFC history (2,204 days) while defending his title 12 consecutive times. He returned to the Octagon in November 2017 at UFC 217, when he defeated Michael Bisping by submission to win the Middleweight title, thus becoming the fourth fighter in the history of the UFC to be a multi-division champion.

Exhibition Fight Night

Triple World Champion Ian Jacobs Is Challenged By The Newcomer Charlie Hall!

As Seen On Win News

The World Champion Experience exhibition title fight has been 3 years in the making .Charlie first trained with his mentor 3 x World Champion Kickboxer, Ian Jacobs back in 2015. Ian inspired young Charlie to commit to train hard so he could one day take on his mentor in the ring.

An eleven year old Hervey Bay boxer is getting ready to take on a three times world champion kickboxer. Charlie Hall endured years of bullying, but has become a different person after picking up a pair of boxing gloves.

Now he's an ambassador against bullying, wanting to help kids all over the country.

SAFE Family Program

Join the quest of 1 million safer families!

Visit The SAFE Website
SAFE Family Program

Simple Tips Kids & Parents Can Learn To Avoid To Tricks Predators Use

We’ve launched a national initiative. Our QUEST for 1 million SAFER Australian Families!
We want you to JOIN the QUEST!
Learn the simple TIPS & TRICKS that will work for everybody.

  • The ABC’s of personal safety
  • How to read body language
  • How to identify dangerous locations, situations & people
  • 5 must know self-defence moves
  • Tips to stay safe on Social Media
  • How to prevent an attack or bullying
  • How to stand & communicate when you are threatened
  • How to handle a confrontation at school or in the workplace
  • Adults & Children, no fitness required
Programs Include

Safe Parenting, Awareness Prevention, Conflict Resolution, Workplace Violence, Motivational, Leadership, Life Skills, Life Expansion, Corporate Fitness, Special Needs & Self Defence Programs

Lesson 1

How To Create A SAFE Space

At our workshops we first teach you how to avoid a dangerous situation. Once you are in trouble Lesson 1 will help you get away and create a SAFE space for yourself.

Lesson 2

How To Defend Yourself

If you cannot create a SAFE space for yourself immediately and are forced to defend yourself then Lesson 2 will help you first defend yourself then create a SAFE space.

Lesson 3

What Happens If I’m On The Ground

If your attacker forces you to the ground Lesson 3 will help you defend yourself so you can regain your footing and create a SAFE space for yourself.

Lesson 4

Learn Respect For Yourself & Others

Having respect for ourselves and others is a cornerstone of Ian’s training. A respectful attitude is one of the key elements in staying SAFE.