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Our Commitment To Supporting The Community

Our business is setup in such a way that we have allocated revenue from every property we sell to fund Community Programs and Charities we support. In addition to our normal business activity we try to support as many Charity Fundraising Events as our capacity allows.

We have setup an initiative within our company called Movement Media that harnesses our teams production and event management background as well as our established network of creative professionals to donate this capacity to support causes we are passionate about so they have a bigger impact in the community.

For example, this photo was taken at the HighTide event that raised money for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Even though we did not run this event we added our support by donating a photographer and an Ian Jacobs program that was auctioned off at the event. We also arranged our friends at Vodka+ and Urbbana to support the event.


Movement Media Is Our Event Production Initiative

Future in Property aims to support as many community events as our capacity allows. So we can add as much value as possible, we have formed a marketing, media and event production team to donate to events and projects we want to see have a bigger impact in the community. These critical skills usually form the most expensive part of the establishment, promotion and physically running the event. Our team includes some of Queensland's best MCs, most experienced photographers/videographers and talented makeup artists, stylists and event coordination team. We also have a long history working with many of Brisbane's top DJs and producers.

Community Programs

Ian Jacob's World Champion Experience & SAFE Programs

Our founder, Brett Howard, has worked with Ian Jacobs for 10 years and their combined commitment to provide at risk children with positive role models and deliver hands on programs that help establish a SAFE community culture to target depression, abuse and youth suicide is the driving force behind Future in Property's community support initiative. Their shared passion has formed a strong friendship that will carry this social initiative for the foreseeable future. You only have to speak to each of them to see that this is a lifelong quest for the both of these men.

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Rocking out with Australian artists

Supporting Charity Fundraisers

Gold Coast Show

Supporting the Local Community & Promoting the Gold Coast

We have proudly supported the Gold Coast Show in their move to a new location at the Broadwater Parklands in Southport, where we are based. Future in Property firmly believes in the future of Southport CBD as the next logical growth centre for business in South East Queensland as a sister CBD to Brisbane.

A big thank-you to everyone that supported the Future in Property Team at the Show. We are looking forward to attending the Show again next year and have some exciting ideas for how we can make our contribution even better.

We hope to see you there!

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