Example No. 1

Australasian Homes

QLD Report Package

We were engaged by Australasian Homes to create a Queensland Research Report Package designed to connect growth drivers in the wider South East Queensland corridor to investment properties located across multiple regions. The reports begin discussing the macro factors in South East Queensland and link these to each region including Brisbane North, South and West, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay. We then provided Suburb Profiles that focused on the granular factors in 22 specific suburbs where Australasian Homes properties were located.

Custom Report Package Includes

SEQ Snapshot | Region Overview | Suburb Profile 

Population Growth
Migration Stats & LGA
Future Growth in SEQ
Population & Growth Drivers
  • Population Growth
  • Key Stats: Migration
  • Economy & Macro Factors
Infrastructure & Investment
  • Government Spending
  • Infrastructure Investment
  • Commercial Development
Facilities & Lifestyle
  • Transport & Medical
  • Education & Retail
  • Entertainment & Tourism
Lifestyle & Growth Drivers
  • Population Growth
  • Retail & Education
  • Transport & Medical
Tenancy Profile & Summary
  • Avg. House Price & Rental Yield
  • Vacancy Rate
  • Household Demographics
Investment Summary
  • Avg. Capital Growth
  • Avg. Days on Market for Sale
  • Avg. Rental Yield

Area Report

Each report package is customised based on the client’s requirements. Australaisan Homes wanted a single page summary of the South East Queensland macro environment followed by a detailed region report. Their Queensland properties fell into the following regions: Brisbane North, South, West, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay. The report provided an overview of population growth, infrastructure investment, major projects and growth drivers for each region.

SEQ Overview

Single page overview of SEQ.

SEQ Population Growth

SEQ population growth & the regions where the growth is most populated.

Infrastructure Spending

Federal & State Government infrastructure investment deal, focusing on the infrastructure spending of SEQ.

Major Project / Highlight

In this example we discussed the growth of SEQ over the next 25 years, which highlighted the requirement for new dwellings and new jobs. 

Migration Statictics

Australian International & Interstate Migration Statistics Chart: showing where QLD’s growth is coming from.

SEQ Population Growth

SEQ Population Growth Chart: as per LGA, showing where the history of growth has been according to census data.

Region Overview

A single page overview of the region, in this example we cover Brisbane North.

Introduce the Region

Where Brisbane North is situated, highlighting key locations and proximity to the nearest major CBD.

Region Population Growth

Population growth of the region, covering both historical and forecasted growth over the next 25 years.

SEQ International and Interstate Migration

The table shows the source of the population growth per LGA within SEQ.

Population Statistics

Population growth statistics including population growth forecast. 

Economic Statistics

Economic statistics including the Gross Regional Product, number of Jobs and Businesses in the Region.

Company Branding

Click through company brand linking to your company website. We can place watermarks e.g. company logo to protect the report content.

Region Growth Drivers

Double page spread on what the Growth Drivers were for the Region. This example covers Brisbane North. 

Infrastructure Investment

We looked at what the Infrastructure Investment was based on the last budget.

Growth Corridor

We looked at what the main growth corridor for the area was, which in this case was Redcliffe Peninsula Corridor, due to the Petrie to Kippa-Ring Rail Line Extension.

Commercial Development

Commercial Development focusing on a Major Project that impacts the region, in this example it is The Mill Priority Development Area.

Major Project

Focus of a Major Project: The Mill Priority Development Area (PDA). Within the The Mill PDA one of the major projects going on there is a new University Precinct. 

Medical & Lifestyle

This section discusses some of the Medical & Lifestyle within the region, including major hospital & shopping centre upgrades. 

Major Project / Highlight

Major Project / Highlight that will impact the greater area. In this example, North Harbour creates the opportunity for new businesses, tourism & improved lifestyle options for the area. 

Transport Infrastructure

Major Transport Infrastructure Investment: Showing what infrastructure will cater for transport growth and connectivity in the region.

Major Project / Highlight

Major Transport Projects that will improve transport in the region. 

Suburb Profile

Australaisan Homes wanted a Suburb Profile for each location in their stocklist. The Suburb Profile focuses on key stats including population growth, capital growth & vacancy rate. It also includes an overview of the lifestyle and amenity, such as shopping, transport, education and medical facilities. The Suburb Profile concludes with a summary of the tenancy and investment information required for investors to complete their due diligence. 

Suburb Profile

This is a double page spread which gives a complete overview of all the major drivers in the suburb including lifestyle & amenities, education, transport, medical & major projects. 

Suburb Overview

Suburb overview to get an understanding of where the suburb is located, size, population, general household & home owner stats.

Major Project / Highlight

The $250M Laguna North Lakes Project is an example of a Major Project that reflects the private sector commercial investment being injected into the suburb. 

Suburb Stats

Major stats for the suburb including population growth, capital growth & vacancy rate, to get some insight into the suburbs growth performance and demand for new properties.

Lifestyle & Shopping

In this section Lifestyle & Shopping are highlighted, giving an overview of what the suburb and greater area has to offer. This includes local shopping centres, the nearest major shopping centre, local restaurants & cafes, the nearest dining precinct, as well as social venues, entertainment and recreation. 

Major Transport Projects

This highlights the Major Transport Projects that will impact this particular suburb. These projects may be repeated in the region report so that if the suburb profile is viewed as a standalone report it still communicates that these projects affect this suburb. 


This section breaks down the Education options that are accessible from this suburb. This includes Daycare, Pre School, Public & Private Primary & Secondary Schools, as well as the nearest TAFE’s & Universities. This indicates the wide selection available within close proximity. 


This highlights the Medical facilities that are accessible from this suburb. Featuring local Medical Facilities as well as the closest major Public & Private Hopitals. This gives an insight into the standard of healthcare that is available for residents living in this suburb. 

Average House Price & Rental Yield

This infographic looks at the Average House Price & Rental Yield for 3 – 4 bedroom houses within this suburb. This gives an indication of what rental income could be received on a similar property type.

Vacancy Rate

This graph shows the Vacancy Rate & Number of Vacancies over the last 5 years. A vacancy rate below 3% indicates a high demand for properties within the suburb. 

Household Demographics

This infographic looks at 3 of the main Household Demographics currently within the suburb. This gives an insight into the likely demographics of tenants/fellow neighbours. 

Median Sales Price

This RP Data chart looks at the Median Sales Price over the last 3.5 years, showing how the sales price of houses in this suburb have trended during this time.  

Sales by Price

This RP Data chart looks at Sales by Price over the last 12 months within this suburb, showing the amount of sales per price bracket which gives a closer look into the most popular price bracket as well as the higher and lower brackets that houses are being sold for within this suburb. 

Custom Stat Summary

This is a Custom Stat Summary designed to display key stats including historical capital growth, days on market specifically for houses & the median gross rental yield for this suburb. 

Tenancy & Investment Summary

The Tenancy & Investment Summary’s looks at specific data used when analysing how the property market performs within a particular suburb.