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JDL Strategies

QLD Report Package

JDL Strategies have been in the property space for over 20 years. They have an extensive education syllabus and a national team of consultants. We worked with them to create a National Sales Package that contained detailed State and Region Reports that connected the macro national and international economic factors down to investment in each specific region along with State Government and Local Council policy drivers. This is the most comprehensive research package that we have put together for a client to date. The Location Reports contained JDL’s 44 point checklist, their internal investment methodology, as well as our traditional Suburb Profile information.

National Sales Package includes

Area Report | Region Report | Location Report | Custom Maps

State Overview & Population
  • Report Summary
  • Population Growth
  • Interstate & International Migration
Economy & Marco Environment
  • Foreign Investment into Australia
  • Economy: GDP, Import & Export
  • State Budget
Infrastructure & Investment
  • Commercial Development
  • Infrastructure & Major Projects
  • Transport & Medical
Overview & Population Growth
  • Report Summary
  • Population Growth
  • Key Stats: Pop/GRP 
Economy & Infrastructure
  • Economic Performance
  • Tourism Activity
  • Commercial Development
Facilities & Lifestyle
  • Transport & Medical
  • Education & Entertainment
  • Sport Facilities & Landscape 
Suburb Overview & Lifestyle
  • Suburb Overview
  • Key Stats: Pop, Capital Growth & Vacancy Rate
Custom Content & Maps
  • JDL’s 44 Point Checklist
  • Lifestyle Visualisation
  • Amenities Map
Investment & Tenancy Summary
  • Avg. Capital Growth
  • Rental Yield & Vacancy Rate
  • Tenancy Profiles

QLD State Report

JDL Strategies wanted a detailed Area Report to focus on the macro environment, this report focuses on QLD population growth, how the economy is performing and what infrastructure and commercial projects are happening in SEQ.

QLD State Report

This is a QLD State Report, presented in a single page format and designed to frame the macro environment of QLD.

Why Buy Here

This page presents a Table of Contents and introduces QLD’s key points as to Why Buy Here.

Company Branding

Company details and a disclaimer have been added, which link through to the company website.

State Overview

This page features a State Overview explaining where QLD is situated, the Population including Growth, Natural Increase and Migration Stats, as well as QLD Demography.

QLD’s 5 Top LGA’s

This chart highlights that 5 of Australia’s top 10 LGA’s ranked by population are located in QLD.

Population & Migration

This page covers Historical Population Growth highlighting key LGA’s in QLD. Australian International & Interstate Migration showing the distribution of population growth per state, including a feature on the Downsizing Trend in NSW & VIC, resulting in interstate migration to QLD.

Sister Cities

The section highlights QLD’s link to the international community via Sister City Partnerships.

Foreign Investment

This page looks at Foreign Investment into Australia based off the The Australian Government Trade Commission’s Benchmark Report. It covers where Australia’s Economic Performance sits on a global scale at 13th Largest Economy, as well as Australia’s Globally Significant Industries.

Australian Export

This page looks at Australia’s Top 12 Goods & Services Export Markets as well as the Top 10 Export Destinations for Australian Agrifood, highlighting the compounded growth rate over 5 years.

Economic Performance

This page covers QLD’s Economic Performance highlighting GSP, Exports, Imports, Ecomonic Growth and Export Increase.

QLD Budget

This page looks at QLD’s Budget Surplus, the commitment to invest in QLD’s Innvovation Sector as well as supporting jobs through a $10.7B Capital Works Program to show the growth happening in the state.

Commercial Development

This page looks at QLD’s Commercial Development, focusing on Major Projects and Key Stats including DA Approvals, Employment & QLD’s Tourism Industry to show how much money is being invested in the state.

SEQ 200km City

This section highlights that SEQ is set to grow into a 200km City, as infill merges between regions.

Infrastructure Investment

This page looks at Infrastructure Investment focusing on QLD’s $2B Infrastructure Investemnt Fund, Housing Construction Activity, SEQ’s Infrastructure Investment per sector as well as highlighting key Major Projects.

Major Projects

Two major projects for QLD are highlighted here to show how this investment is supporting jobs and the economy.

Medical & Transport

This page covers Medical & Transport, focusing on the most recent Budget allocation for each sector and highlighting key Medical Facilties & Development as well as major Transport Upgrades.

Transport Major Projects

This page follows on from the previous Transport page featuring Major Transport Projects, including Major Highway & Airport Upgrades.

Front Cover Page

This is the State Report Front Cover Page, including lifestyle imagery and company contact details. This can be customised if the client wants specific photos to be included.

Gold Coast Region Report

In the QLD package there are 5 Region Reports including Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane West, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. In the example the Gold Coast Region Report talks about population, economy, tourism, commercial development, medical, transport, education, sports and entertainment.

Region Report Contents Page

Our Client wanted a summary and contents page to be included in this report. This can be tailored to the clients needs depending upon what they want to include. In this example each of the key drivers of the Gold Coast are broken down to show the growth, economic performance, major projects and infrastructure in the area.

Region Overview

The overview includes information about the area, key reasons for investment, population, population forecast, GRP, number of businesses and how big Gold Coast LGA is against the rest of SEQ to establish how the area is growing.

Economic Opportunity Map

This map is sourced from the Gold Coast Council, it identifies what is in each subsections within the Gold Coast area and lists the major opportunities happening. This map and legend gives the reader scope of the Gold Coast and shows the major infrastructure across the area.

Gold Coast Economy

This is a double page spread on the economy, this first page gives a short description of how the Gold Coast economy is going and where the region should expect to see the growth happen by 2023. 

Gold Coast Economy

On this page, tourism is discussed as a major contributor to the Gold Coast economy, the increase in overnight and day trips, airport traffic increase and room occupation increase all show how much tourism contributes to the regions economy and how well it is performing.

Commonwealth Games Highlight

In this example, the Commonwealth Games are highlighted as it was a major event for the Gold Coast at the time.  

Commerical Development

Major projects and retail redevelopment are discussed on this page, each item is listed with the cost of the project to show how much is being spent in the area and what impact it will have on the Gold Coast. This is all supporting information about how much the region is growing and the amount of money that is being invested here. 


On this page the Southport CBD is discussed to show that the council is focusing to build CBD to support the Gold Coast. With Southport being a Priority Development Area there is room for new investors and developers to continue to invest money in this growing area.

Medical and Transport

There is one page on Medical and one page on Transport. This page discusses what major medical infrastructure the Gold Coast currently has and how much money has been spent on it. Two key areas are highlighted here, Southport and Robina to show where the growth is happening. This section can be expanded or tailored to how much content the clients want to include. 

Major Transport Projects

On this page the projects are in sections discussing Public Transport, Road Upgrades and Airport Upgrades to give scope on how much money is being spent to grow transport in the region and what impact that will have.

Education and Entertainment

On this page Education and Entertainment facilities are discussed to give the reader scope of what is available in the area. The information is broken into subsections that generally link through to a page that provides more information, for example Gold Coast Primary Schools will link through to a list of the schools in the region. 

Sports and Entertainment

The main Stadiums and Sports facilities are highlighted here to show how much infrastructure exists on the Gold Coast. Theme parks and Beaches are also highlighted as they are a major feature of the Gold Coast Community.

Location Profile

JDL Strategies wanted to focus on specific locations inside every Region Report. Each Location Report focused on the growth in the suburb, amenities and facilities available, investment summary and tenancy profile. JDL Stratigies wanted their investment philosophy, the 44 point check list, include in every Location Report. 

Location Report

This is the summary page of a location report, it includes a written suburb profile and a visual reference of key statistics and disclaimer if the client wants to include one. Displaying population, population growth, capital growth and vacancy rate gives the investor a good indication of how the suburb is performing.

Customisable Content

Our client wanted to include their investment philosophy, they have a 44 point check list that they present to their investors to show that each location has all the amenities that make up their check list. This page includes Education, Public Transport, Shopping & Medical. In this example we added a summary, the amount of each and provided a click through for the reader to verify the content. The information presented in any location report can be customised to the clients requirements.

Customisable Content

Our client wanted to include their investment philosophy, they have a 44 point check list that they present to their investors to show that each location has all the amenities that make up their check list. This page includes Recreation, Enviroment, Local Infrastructure, Location & Industry. In this example we added a summary, the amount of each and provided a click through for the reader to verify the content. The information presented in any location report can be customised to the clients requirements.

Amenities Collage

This page is an Amenities Picture Collage, highlighting key amenities and giving a brief description of Schools, Tertiary Education, Recreation, Shopping, Dining, Transport & Medical accessible from this suburb.

Amenities Map

This page is an Amenities Maps, showing where key amenities are located relative to the suburb. All drop pins link through to google maps for the reader to verify the time & distance it takes from the suburb.

Investment & Tenancy Summary

This page covers Investment & Tenancy information, including Capital Growth, Rental Yield, Vacancy Rate, Household Demographics & Tenancy Profiles. This can be customised depending upon what the client wishes to include.