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Solid Research Simply Presented

The Future in Property Team is committed to providing detailed research in a readable package where one click links readers to qualified third party references to build confidence that what they are reading is true. Truth is our core asset. All of the information presented is clickable for simple verification or for readers to dive deeper on an area of interest to them. Readers no longer have to chew their way through too much content. Our reports are designed to be skim read with enough key information clearly highlighted in infographics or in a large format accompanied by icons to communicate the overall message.

This means your reports will actually be read and are usable sales tools that will assist your team in real world applications. Nothing within the report is our opinion. Instead it is best to think of us as your own personalised Google search engine simply presenting all of the relevant information needed to tell your story.

Due Diligence Reports are designed with your sales process and brand in mind from the start. One of our Senior Researchers will design the layout specifically for you within your budget.

Beautiful Design
Usable Sales Tool
Detailed Research
Simply Presented
Using Your Brand
Skim Readable
Clickable Information
Verifiable References
Reports Build Trust
Due Diligence Report

Area Overview

We define the location’s geography, Government body and demographic.

Population Growth

We discuss the current population, forecasted population and growth rate.

Population Migration

Review the interstate and international population migration.

Economic Profile

Key statistics: Gross Product, New Jobs/Business and Unemployment Rate.

Government Budget

Understanding Government spending, infrastructure investment and future projects.

Infrastructure Investment

Planned infrastructure, current construction and private sector partnership.

Major Projects

Understanding the impact of Major Projects and how future planning drives growth.

Commercial Development

Growth occurs where Government Spending meets Private Investment.


How major transport infrastructure benefits your project’s location.


Public & Private Hospital upgrades as well as local medical facilities.


University, Private & Public High School, Primary School and Early Learning.


Sporting Facilities, Community Hubs, Tourism and Recreation.

Success Together

We are proud of the work we have done for our clients. The success we have shared together inspires us to keep creating. We continue to evolve our process based on the quality feedback we receive from experienced teams using our reports in the marketplace.