Invest Towards

Your next adventure!


Invest In

Your Family: make every moment count!


Invest Towards

Your dreams: go on the adventure you've always talked about!


Invest For

Your Retirement: so you can enjoy the time you have with ones that mean the most!


Celebrate your life

Take hold of your future!

At Future in Property We Think About Investing Differently

We Believe in:

Investing IN the Future

Investing TOWARDS the Future

Investing FOR the Future

This Unique Perspective Allows Us To Give Our Cashflow & The Assets We Invest In A Role In Building Our Future

We invest

-Our Family
-Our Education

We invest IN Today. It is about Right Here, Right Now.

We invest TOWARDS:

-Our Dreams
-Our Dream House
-Our Dream Holiday

We invest TOWARDS the Goals we achieve over time.

We invest

-Our Retirement
-Our Children
-A Rainy Day

We investor FOR the Future so we have Peace of Mind.

Invest In

Today. Our Family. Our Education. Our Life So We Can Get Started.

As we begin to think about time differently we can see that some things can't wait and need our time, energy and money invested now.

Invest Towards

Our Goals. Dream Holiday. New Car. Renovation. The Next Step To Begin A New Chapter In Our Life.

Once we have taken care of our immediate needs our focus turns to setting goals to motivate ourselves to work towards in our life. Thinking about our investments this way allows us to invest towards our goals bringing them closer in our mind making what seemed impossible become achievable.

Invest For

Our Future. Retirement. Our Children. A Rainy Day. So We Have Peace Of Mind.

We cannot work forever, but peace of mind can come long before we retire. When we invest for the future we create a buffer for the unexpected things that happen in life that helps us sleep easier at night knowing we are going to be ok.

Future in Property is committed to supporting the community

World Champion Experience

World Champion Experience is a Community Program that connects everyday people with World Champions and the support network that helped them become a World Champion. This program aims to share the knowledge, skills and strategies that have had such a powerful impact on these athletes in an effort to inspire participants to take control of their life.

This program aims to establish positive role models and has a profound effect on young people. There are many stories of children who's lives are transformed after coming face to face with their hero.

SAFE Family Program

Securing a Families Environment: SAFE is a wide range of short courses that target the main 'Tricks' that predators use to identify victims and put them into an unsafe situation to assault them. SAFE has developed simple 'Tips' that help participants identify an unsafe place and put themselves into a SAFE space so they avoid the conflict long before it happens. These programs focus on awareness and prevention as well as working together as a group so individuals do not become a target.

Child safety and family security form a core part of our company values.

Invest In Each Other

Safer Community. Stop Bullying. Prevent Youth Suicide. Positive Role Models. Be Inspired. Get Motivated. Take Action. Make A Difference Together.

Our team at Future in Property is committed to have a positive impact in our community. We have structure our business so every property we sell has revenue allocated to support a Charity we are passionate about or fund a Community Program we are involved in. We have established the Movement Media initiative within our company that harnesses our skillset and professional network of creative people to assist in marketing, developing and executing projects we want to see have a bigger impact in the community.

See For Yourself
Yarkeen: Making Self Determination a Reality

Yorta Yorta Shepparton

Yorta Yorta is aiming to build a residential and commercial development 5min south of Shepparton Victoria. Situated in the Goulburn Valley with some of Australia's most lush farming land with direct access to the largest inland water system, the GMID, this development offers urban gardens that integrate modern facilities into the landscape so residents feel as if they are living in the bush, but have access to the creature comforts we have all come to expect.

Working closely with the local indigenous people, the Yorta Yorta Tribe, this project has been designed so 'Going Walkabout' can be as easy as stepping out of your front door. This idea of incorporating a deep rooted spiritual connection to the Earth into architectural design, guided by our nation's oldest people, has inspired a new approach. The experience you get reconnecting with the Earth will set a new standard so it will not be the only development to take this approach.

Free Research Reports

Future in Property’s core skill set is conducting research on areas to identify growth drivers and relevant information that is key to making an informed investment decision. Our team has made a career on completing this research for Property Investment and Education firms as well as Developers aiming to promote their projects to experienced investors.

Now we are making this information available to the public for free. Our intent in doing this is to support everyday investors in having access to research usually only commissioned by more sophisticated investors or companies operating in the industry. We are offering a free lifetime membership to anyone interested in investing in property that is not a professional selling property as their core business (you know we are competitors, but we want to collaborate with our industry colleagues so please get in touch with our team to find out how).

All we ask is to be able to qualify that you are an investor (not an industry professional) and we feel confident that when it comes time to purchase your next property that you will be inclined to ask us for assistance.

We will never charge our members fees as we act as a Vendors Agent and are always paid by the seller, not the purchaser. To this end, we are not in a position to advise anyone on which property to purchase so we focus primarily on sourcing properties for experienced investors.

We have a simple model. We provide up to date research so our members can decide on an area they want to invest in and then you register your interest in that area. This includes the desired property criteria and our team locates a suitable property.

As we are a small team this means we do not have the capacity to support inexperienced or new investors. We do have strong relationships with established Property Investment and Education businesses who are able to provide the education that will form the foundation of your investment approach. We look for organisations that have assisted their clients in successfully investing for over 10 years minimum, with a national team that can work with you every step of the way.

When we refer you to one of these organisations we remain in touch to ensure you receive the best service from them.

Growth Drivers

Population Growth
Economy GDP
Macro Environment


Commercial Development




Retail & Ammenities
Entertainment & Sport
Tourism & Landscape
Research Methodology

Clearly Present The Information We Find With Links To Third Party References Without Our Opinion

Each report is a huge feat with 100’s of hours of research required to find all of the information contained in what we present. There is no opinion pieces within our reports. We just present the information we can find and provide simple click through access to the third party reference we found during our research. This means that readers can dive deeper into the areas they are interested in researching further for themselves.

Our only input is in the selection and presentation of the material we find. Our methodology is designed to link the material we find together into a cohesive story that paints a picture of the area based on our overall impression from reading a much wider and deeper level of content then we could ever include in the final report.

We aim to establish a community of investors who share a passion for research with us. With our combined talent, experience and the incredible number of man hours it takes to truly research any of these areas in detail we hope to ultimately present a clear and comprehensive report.

As our community grows we will develop avenues for members to contribute their feedback and share information. This will allow us to tap into ‘local knowledge’ from members on the ground in each location. We aim to be able to integrate this information into our research process.

In time we will have a clearer understanding of exactly how to achieve this goal and establish a simple process for gathering, qualifying and integrating this information into our reports.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope that our research assists you in successful investing into the property market.

Property Sales

We Focus On Sourcing Property For Experienced Investors

We will be working directly with more experienced investors. Members who have at least 3 investment properties, have a solid understanding of the process and real world experience as well as the required support structure e.g. mortgage brokers, lawyers etc.

For inexperienced investors or first time investors we have a strong relationship with a number of established Property Investment and Education businesses who are able to provide the support to close this gap and a team to assist you through every step of the process. We will refer you to one of these organisations and ensure you receive the best service from them.

Our business is structured so that we can allocate a portion of our revenue to fund Community Programs and support Charities we are passionate about. This commitment is not diminished if you do not purchase a property directly through us, but through one of our referral partners as we will maintain our commitment level via a referral fee that we have negotiated with them. Maintaining the same level of community support regardless of the lower revenue is part of our company’s core values.

Projects We Support

Future in Property will act as the Exclusive Agent for some projects that have a humanitarian or positive social impact. This is part of our mission to improve the community and use our skills to assist people to take control of their own future.

We are currently involved in two large combined commercial and residential projects working with Indigenous to create opportunities for them to establish their Self Determination. We view this honour as a core part of the foundation of what Future ‘in’ or ‘via’ Property means to us. We are excited to be publicly launching one of these projects, Raftery Waters, at the Gold Coast Show.

State Report Package


Our first State Report Package to be released is our home state Queensland. At the Gold Coast Show we are launching our QLD State Report that focuses on South East Queensland as well as the Gold Coast Region Report. We will be integrating the content we are filming and photographing over the course of the show into the Southport, Key Location Report, that will be released by the start of 2019. The rest of this Report Package will follow. VIC and NSW will then be released in early 2019.

Get These Reports Now

01. State Report

Queensland State Report focusing on the South East Queensland Region

02. Major Regions

Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane West, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

03. Key Locations

Southport: Gold Coast CBD


W Brisbane Hotel

Gold Coast

Jewel Apartments

Southport CDB

Meriton Sundale Apartments

The Victoria State Report Package will be release next

This will be followed by NSW and then WA later this year

State Report Packages
Over 50 Reports
Research Hours Per State
Free Lifetime Access
Future in Property Membership

We are committed to providing Free Lifetime Membership. We are confident in our reports and aim to build a community of investors that share our passion for research.

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