Research Methodology

Future in Property’s core skill set is conducting research on areas to identify growth drivers and relevant information that is key to making an informed investment decision. Our team has made a career on completing this research for Property Investment and Education firms as well as Developers aiming to promote their projects to experienced investors. With our combined talent, experience and the incredible number of man hours it takes to truly research any of these areas in detail we hope to ultimately present a clear and comprehensive report. There are no opinion pieces within our reports. We just present the information we can find and provide simple click through access to the third party reference we found during our research. This means that readers can dive deeper into the areas they are interested in researching further for themselves. Our only input is in the selection and presentation of the material we find. Our methodology is designed to link the material we find together into a cohesive story that paints a picture of the area based on our overall impression from reading a much wider and deeper level of content then we could ever include in the final report.

Example No. 1

Australasian Homes

We were engaged by Australasian Homes to create a Queensland Research Report Package designed to connect growth drivers in the wider South East Queensland corridor to investment properties located across multiple regions. The reports begin discussing the macro factors in South East Queensland and link these to each region including Brisbane North, South and West, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Hervey Bay. We then provided Suburb Profiles that focused on the granular factors in 22 specific suburbs where Australasian Homes properties were located.

Example No. 2

Hayman Homes

Hayman Homes were focused on providing properties in Brisbane’s Northern Growth Corridor. We were asked to design reports that could be used for multiple locations within this region as new lots were continually being sourced. Our research focused on a more detailed region level report diving into the growth drivers and additional factors that were contributing to the Northern Corridor’s ongoing success. This was then partnered with an overview of the locations within the Northern Corridor that Hayman currently offered properties with the view that this could be easily expanded on as new locations were added.

Example No. 3

JDL Strategies

JDL Strategies have been in the property space for over 20 years. They have an extensive education syllabus and a national team of consultants. We worked with them to create a National Sales Package that contained detailed State and Region Reports that connected the macro national and international economic factors down to investment in each specific region along with State Government and Local Council policy drivers. This is the most comprehensive research package that we have put together for a client to date. The Location Reports contained JDL’s 44 point checklist, their internal investment methodology, as well as our traditional Suburb Profile information.